Kitty Coley Expeditions

“Thanks so much for making our Sea of Cortez and Copper Canyon expedition more than a just a boat trip and a train ride.  You brought alive the geology of the region in your formal (but fun) presentations to our group.  And we so enjoyed your informal teaching presence on our beach walks as we randomly encountered flora and fauna of which we knew nothing.  We probably weren't the best of students, but we came away from our tour with an understanding of and appreciation for the wonderful complexity of the region.  And you were such an important part of what was a very good and very fun time.  You were informed, organized, engaging, and entertaining.  We look forward to touring with you again.”

Roz Ridgway, Retired US Ambassador

Ted Deming, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

“Kitty Coley is a great teacher.  When she rolled out the large topographical map on the deck as we cruised through breath-taking Endicott Arm Fjord on our way to Sawyer Glacier and said, ‘Here’s where we are on the tectonic plate map for all of you who are interested in the geology we are passing through.’ – I thought I had died and gone to heaven.”

Paul Richardson

President/CEO, Sundance Cinemas

“Thanks you so much for the educational experience while we were in the Galapagos Islands from July 13 to July 21st 2007.  You made our trip more of a memorable one with your knowledge of the area and it's environmental issues. Our kids, Charles and Danae, especially loved to see the the animals in their natural habitat and getting up close and personal with them. He enjoyed the Sea Lion swimming around him and playing with him while in the water. Both our kids loved snorkeling with the penguins and the sea turtles. Perhaps for me, the most memorable moment for me was the sperm whale during breakfast and following of the humpback mother and baby whale in our zodiac. Kitty's knowledge of the environment and geology of the area where you go is something everyone can learn from.  As and environmentalist myself in my hometown, I walked away learning more about environmental issues from other parts of the world, which I will utilize for a lifetime!!  The next Expedition I go on, it will be with Kitty.  Thank You Kitty for the experience of a lifetime !!”

Andrew, Kelly, Danae and Charles Platt

Center Moriches, Long Island, New York

“I was 12 and 14 years old when Kitty was my educational guide to Alaska’s Inside Passage and then in the Galapagos Islands.  She taught me so many amazing things.  Kitty is easy to talk to and a lot of fun to travel with.  I consider Kitty my friend, and hope to discover another new part of the world with her one day.” 

Clare Richardson, Age 17

"We were privileged to travel with Kitty as our expert guide on a trip to the Peruvian Amazon and Machu Pichu.  An accomplished naturalist, birder and geologist with an amazing depth of knowledge, she added a wonderful perspective to the spectacular sights we encountered.  Her genuinely friendly, positive nature is contagious, making the group experience special.  Traveling with Kitty turns the ordinary into an extraordinary, unforgettable trip.  We look forward to traveling with Kitty again soon. "

Lynn and John Old


“My husband, Joe, and I met Kitty in 2004 on a trip to Costa Rica hosted by the Smithsonian and organized through our local Pacific Grove, CA Natural History Museum.  My first impression was of a person who is completely candid and unassuming, and full of knowledge about every aspect of nature.  I am biology teacher educated in ornithology, botany, and geology, and I am often skeptical of "experts."  But I was immediately won over by Kitty's depth and breadth of knowledge and her generosity of spirit in sharing that knowledge.  As any good teacher does, Kitty has the ability to explain subjects on many levels, using a variety of tools to reach everyone.  Kitty's evening presentations were not to be missed and were a highlight of the trip.  They reflected a great deal of time spent in preparation with photos, maps, diagrams, and personal anecdotes.”     

Mibs McCarthy

Biology Teacher

“We traveled with Kitty for about 2 weeks sailing the coastline of Patagonia, Chile.  Among several naturalists on board, Kitty by far was the most enthusiastic teacher, always patiently explaining complex concepts far removed from every day knowledge.  Her presentations were fun and engaged even those who at first did not seem interested in the subject matter.  She never tired of repeating the names of plants, birds, and other animals. She was as fun and interesting at the dinner table as she was knowledgeable in the field.  We would be very happy if we had her as a naturalist/guide again on one of our trips.”

G. Joel

“Our first educational family adventure was to Alaska’s Inside Passage and with Kitty as our tour guide, she opened a whole new world to us.  When we learned Kitty was leading a trip to the Galapagos Islands, we signed up immediately!   We knew it would be another memorable lifetime experience our family would share, and it was.  Kitty is an exceptionally talented teacher and tour professional.”

Kim Richardson

“We met Kitty in the Peruvian Amazon, where we enjoyed her guiding and lecturing so much that we booked additional trips with her to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands.  Kitty’s infectious enthusiasm and expertise made each activity truly memorable, whether snorkeling above a coral reef, scrambling along a volcanic flow or hiking through a rain forest brimming with wildlife.  To round out the experience Kitty also presented a series of stimulating on-the-road lectures that helped us better appreciate the geologic, historic and behavioral aspects of the local environment.  Traveling with Kitty was not only fun and exciting, it was also an opportunity to learn more about a unique area of the world, and that made these trips especially rewarding.”

Mark and Rupa

Software Enginner and Financial Analyst

Bellevue, WA

“We traveled with Kitty through Costa Rica in March of 2007. What an adventure! Costa Rica is beautiful of course, but Kitty’s expertise added a depth to the experience that we had not expected. Her broad knowledge as a naturalist enabled her to reach everyone in our group, ranging in ages from 11 to 60, on such subjects as geology, plate tectonics, volcanoes, plants and animals. Amazingly, Kitty was able to explain very complicated concepts in a way that made them come alive. Each one in our group, regardless of age, was able to participate and interact at his or her own level. In addition to her engaging approach, Kitty went “above-and-beyond” by soliciting each guest in our group in order to target individual interests. Moreover, Kitty proved to be just as good with children as with adults. Our 11-year old daughter, who accompanied us on this adventure, absolutely loved the experience. Kitty’s communications skills and enthusiasm as a teacher brought out the ‘enthusiastic learner’ in our daughter, who got just as much from the Costa Rican experience as we did. With the bridges through the Cloud Forest , horseback riding, white-water rafting, rain forest walks, volcanoes, nature hikes, birding, and even zip-lining, we had an amazing experience that we will be talking about for years. We were thrilled to have been able to travel with Kitty Coley, and would readily do so again.”

S. Breed


"I have traveled with Kitty on 4 different expeditions to different countires and have been impressed with her depth of knowledge on each trip. This includes a not only geology and plate tectonics, but birds, plants and other animals. Her lectures are quite extensive and well planned and her presentation of them is very good. She is very good in the field at spotting birds and animals and patience in explaining their natural history."

Don Holcomb



“With her broad range of interests and knowledge Kitty is able to make every minute of your time with her full of memorable experiences.  While birding through the tropical rain forest she easily switches gears to point out evidence of a geological event that took place millions of years in our planets past. Kitty has an infectious enthusiasm for our natural world and every discovery you make with her leaves you anticipating the next great excitement you will share.”

Tom Schmidt and Jeff Bell

Seattle, Washington

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